Our Crew

Pickleman’s adventures are possible due to the diligence and determination of our talented and fine crew. Our crew is made up of students attending the Renaissance School of the Arts. Film Crew 101 and volunteers take on any role necessary to complete a successful shoot. They become puppeteers, actors, gaffers and camera operators. An atmosphere of maturity and professionalism enables creativity to flourish as well as individual and team achievement. And of course, we have loads of fun while shooting.

Virginia Military Preservation Association

This fine group of indivuals are dedicated to preserving the military history in the Hampton Roads area. They volunteered their time, skills, vehicles, weapons and acting talent to create the Army scenes in Dillzilla:Titan of Terror!  Their efforts added a deeper sense of danger, action and thrills to the film. Pickleman was proud to work with them and looks forward to coordinating with them on future projects.

Their work is eductational, historical and important. You can find out more information about their work at their web site www.vmpa.us

The Renaissance School of the Arts Tidewater

Pickleman is honored to teach with this cutting edge educational Home-School co-op. His classes vary from writing, drawing, animating, filmmaking, editing and more. Pickleman proudly perpetuates the production of pupils’ personal films. Below is a link to the films created in Lego Animation, Action Cut Edit and Film Making classes: 


Renaissance School of the Arts Tidewater:


Pickleman has already extended the RSA campus up to New York and tutoring over Skype is now available. Email for more information:


Film Crew 101

Film Crew 101 provides students with the experience of working on a professional film crew. Students assume all of the positions on the crew from camera, lighting, set construction, puppetry, acting and documentation. Their diligence and hard work has led to 2 completed films, “Zombie Pickles from Space” and “Dillzilla:Titan of Terror!” that make up the “Continuing Adventures of Pickleman.”


Everywhere Pickleman goes, he makes friends. It is an honor to know so many full of a passion for film. So much so, they sign up and volunteer their time, skills, and talent. Some have helped in the construction of sets and props. Many have fled in panic and terror, others shot bazookas and a few have calmed down a 100 foot pickle. You too can join in the fun by sending an email with your contact information and how you want to help. The Big Dill will respond personally.

email: 1bigdill@gmail.com