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Picklman Productions is proud to announce their latest film,  “Dillzilla: Titan of Terror!” will have its howling horrific premeire at MarsCon 2018, in Williamsburg Virginia.     

After a successful World Premiere screening at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, the Queens World Film Festival awarded Best Family Friendly to "Dillzilla:Titan of Terror!"

Pickleman Productions once based in Smithfield, Virginia has moved to Queens, New York.  We create family friendly films that stir the imagination and tickle the funny bone. We use live-action, puppetry, animation, and a variety of techniques to engage the viewer’s eye and inspire their mind and soul.

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“Dillzilla:Titan of Terror!” -Pickleman gets infected by a mysterious bio-hazard. Now whenever he gets angry he grows. In his search for a resolution to his predicament, he panics the local populace, sets fire to the town, collapses a building and battles the National Guard.

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The film is a spoof of a 1950’s horror movie.  It is an ode to the time when film was fun and filled with sincerity, action and over the top monsters. “Dillzilla” follows the form but also adds contemplation, consequence, and accountability. There is no simple “kill the monster” ending here.

The special effects within the film utilize similar techniques of the time of the golden age of film (split screen, deep focus, miniaturization, and underwater shooting).


“Dillzilla: Titan of Terror!” was shot in in Virginia. In Smithfield, Main street was closed and 100 residents came out to create the terrified town scenes fleeing from a 40 foot pickle. The Main Street of Smithfield was constructed as a miniaturized model. Attention to details were included to add believability and beauty to each shot. Look for headlines in the newspapers and delicious names to each of the stores.

“How do you green screen a green Pickle?” Simple don’t use green or blue. Instead, we used the direct complementary color as a backdrop. Orange allowed a clean and crisp edging to Pickleman that allowed the chromakeyed shots a cinematic and beautiful look.

A variety of special effects techniques were utilized. There is no strict reliance to one style. Pickleman productions commits to engaging the interest of the audience’s eye as well as the mind and soul. A chromakeyed shot may be obvious, but other, more subtle shots slip by.


The third act with the National Guard attacking the giant Pickleman posed an additional challenge of soldiers, vehicles and weapons. A chance meeting lead to the solution; The Virginia Military Preservation Society! This groups is dedicated to preserving the military history in the Hampton Roads area. They volunteered their time, skills, equipment, and vehicles to create the battle scenes. Their collection of restored vehicles, weapons and efforts added a deeper sense of danger, action, and thrills to the film.  For more information

Elizabeth Pasieczny is the writer and director for Pickleman Productions. She is a Cal Arts graduate with a Masters from Old Dominion. Her internationally award winning hand drawn animated film, “Way” steered her towards starting an independent film company creating art for the family genre. She resides in New York and is working as a screenwriter and director.

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For more information contact

Elizabeth Pasieczny (757)771-4549

*Remember, anything starring Pickleman is Kosher for all ages.

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